Cool Rolling Clock Control

Wednesday Mar 14th 2001 by Yi Hai

Mimics old-fashioned clocks that where the numbers spin, or roll into place when changing. Very UI effect on apps needing a clock control!


This is a Clock control  which is able to roll the digit away as the time elapses, just like what the oil meter does in the old car.

This is a control derived from the CStatic, it's inspired by the code of Mr. Mark Findlay for his "Scrolling credits dialog". However,

a lot was rewritten. I only focus on the rolling part of the code, and didn't provide the interface of the color (Bk&Text), although providing 

those stuff looks like more professional. But that would be easy for you guys  if you like, as well as the font. :-)

Using the Rolling Clock Control

  1. Insert the file RollingClk.h and RollingClk.cpp into your project
  2. Create a dialog in your project. Drag a static control from the control panel; setting it to a reasonable size;
  3. In the dialog's header file, add the following line
    // I supposed that you add the file to the same path of 
    // the project, or you have to 
    #include "rollingClk.h" 
    //include the whole path
    CRollingClk m_Static;
  4. In the OnInitDialog() of your Dialog class, add the following code
    // the "IDC_STATIC1" is the ID of your static control
    // you can also set the first two parameters as 
    // text & Bk Color,
    // and the third as the slipping speed, or nothing--it 
    // will choose the default values.
    And In the OnPaint() of Parent Dialog, you should add:
    // add here	
So that when the Dialog thrives from minimum, the static will redraw. That's it!


Download source - 4 Kb
Download demo project - 19 Kb
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