Detecting column index of the item clicked

Thursday Aug 6th 1998 by Zafir Anjum

Detecting column index of the item clicked

The HitTest() function provided by the CListCtrl class returns only the row index of the item that falls under the point being tested. The HitTest() also has the drawback that it fails if the point is not directly over the first column. To determine the row of the item, we use GetItemRect() to get the rectangular bounds of each visible row and use PtInRect() to determine if the point falls within this rectangle. Once we know the row, we use GetColumnWidth() to determine the bounding rect for each cell and then test the point against each of these bounding rectangles.
// HitTestEx	- Determine the row index and column index for a point
// Returns	- the row index or -1 if point is not over a row
// point	- point to be tested.
// col		- to hold the column index
int CMyListCtrl::HitTestEx(CPoint &point, int *col) const
	int colnum = 0;
	int row = HitTest( point, NULL );
	if( col ) *col = 0;

	// Make sure that the ListView is in LVS_REPORT
	if( (GetWindowLong(m_hWnd, GWL_STYLE) & LVS_TYPEMASK) != LVS_REPORT )
		return row;

	// Get the top and bottom row visible
	row = GetTopIndex();
	int bottom = row + GetCountPerPage();
	if( bottom > GetItemCount() )
		bottom = GetItemCount();
	// Get the number of columns
	CHeaderCtrl* pHeader = (CHeaderCtrl*)GetDlgItem(0);
	int nColumnCount = pHeader->GetItemCount();

	// Loop through the visible rows
	for( ;row <= bottom;row++)
		// Get bounding rect of item and check whether point falls in it.
		CRect rect;
		GetItemRect( row, &rect, LVIR_BOUNDS );
		if( rect.PtInRect(point) )
			// Now find the column
			for( colnum = 0; colnum < nColumnCount; colnum++ )
				int colwidth = GetColumnWidth(colnum);
				if( point.x >= rect.left 
					&& point.x <= (rect.left + colwidth ) )
					if( col ) *col = colnum;
					return row;
				rect.left += colwidth;
	return -1;

Date Last Updated: April 3, 1999

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