Raw TCP/IP library for Windows 2000

Monday Apr 7th 2003 by Barak Weichselbaum

This library enumarates the TCP/IP protocol, and allows the user to create custom TCP/IP headers. This allows IP spoofing and more. (The article and demo project were updated.)

Environment: Win2000/NT (Most functions), VC 6.0 (all samples comes with a complete source code)

This library enumarates the TCP/IP protocol, and allows the user to create custome TCP/IP headers, this allows IP spoofing and other kind of attacks.

This library also now used for a regular network communication (when you don't want to use MFC in your projects, this library is used within a commercial ATL product)

New features we have added to version 3, includes : sniffer, stealth TCP scanner, UDP scanner, major OOD redesign, better error control, better documentation.

The library has a root class : CSpoofBase, which hold every system services for the library starting with socket initialization and error control.

Two other major classes are : CSpoofSocket, which encapsulate socket2 API, modify some header options like: Source IP (good for spoofing), TTL, Service type.

and CAsyncSocket, which enable all system sockets to be used as a! ! sync sockets.

Blocked major classes are CTCPSocket,CUDPSocket and CICMPSocket which inherit from CSpoofSocket, and you can use them to send/receive UDP/TCP/ICMP packets.

There are also : CTCPSocketAsync,CUDPSocketAsync and CICMPSocketAsync which gives you the same socket support but in async mode.

Two helper classes are : CInterfaces (to help list our all available interfaces), and CSniffSocket (Which has sniffer abilities)

Samples that come with the library are: ping, traceroute, simple attacking demonstration, simple TCP server, simple UDP server, ipconfig, stealth TCP scanner (all comes will a full source code).


Download demo project - 671 Kb
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