SmartHelp 2.04

Tuesday Feb 27th 2001 by Goran Mitrovic

Fantastic Add-In that interfaces with MSDN Library

Environment: Microsoft Visual Studio 6.0 with MSDN Library installed


You probably discovered how complex MSDN Library is - there are thousands of articles nicely sorted in its Contents Tree. However, have you noticed how hard is it to find articles you used, every time you resume work on your project? If you had, I believe you'll find SmartHelp (very) useful.


  • It memorizes MSDN Library Contents Tree layout for every Workspace.
  • Favorites Topics list is now available from Visual Studio, not only MSDN. Using it, you can also recall other types of documentation you use, such as CHM, Win Help, simple text and source code files, Microsoft Word © Documents, Adobe Acrobat © Portable Document Files and HTML. You can also start tools and open Browser Database files (.bsc) from there. Finally, you can have all your favorites nicely sorted in folders.
  • It integrates MSDN Library's window into Visual Studio IDE.


New versions:
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2.0  (20. Aug 2000) - added Visual Studio Integration feature
                    - Maximum favorite name enlarged from 64 to 256 chars
                    - Both slash and backslash characters are now allowed
                      in favorites names
                    - 'Add Favorite' dialog will make up default name for
                      all new items
                    - Added new types of favorites - Source files and Tools
                    - Hierarchy of favorites can be significantly extended
                      using folders
                    - Bug fixed - favorite article can be recalled if tab
                      other than 'Contents' is selected
                    - New configuration GUI; hopefully, this one won't have
                      problems with small fonts
                    - Help is now integrated in GUI
                    - Bug fixed - hopefully final fix for 'using
                      Workspace's Help.layout file after closing Workspace'
                    - Added 'Always refresh MSDN Contents' option (probably
                      uninteresting for most users)
                    - MSDN window cannot be closed any more while
                      configuration is storing or restoring
                    - Added proper installer and uninstaller
                    - Added SmartHelp-aware version of WndTabs 2.5 with a
                      bonus feature - tab order remembrance for each
1.1  (28. Mar 2000) - In Add Favourite dialog, Expand item option is now
                      disabled in meaningless situations
                    - 'Always open MSDN' option changed to much more useful
                      'Open MSDN with Workspace'
                    - If the MSDN isn't opened, and you pressed F1-key or
                      selected MSDN Favourite, after opening, MSDN's
                      Contents tree layout will be restored. This feature
                      won't work if you have Visual Assist version earlier
                    - Added Advanced dialog (probably uninteresting for
                      most users)
                    - Bug fixed - crashing while opening Workspace
                    - Bug fixed - using Workspace's Help.layout file after
                      closing Workspace
                    - Some minor internal changes
1.01 (16. Feb 2000) - Added support for at least one more version of MSDN
1.0  (13. Feb 2000) - Initial release


I simply cannot and won't be responsible for any damage made with SmartHelp. I can only hope such scenarios are impossible.


Download add-in - 878 Kb
Download source - 279 Kb
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