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Tuesday Mar 22nd 2005 by Georges Dumond

Learn about a search files with resources to explore it. The selected resource can be extracted. This tool is a sample of using Splitter, List, Tree, and resource display.

ResExplorer is a tool that helps you find resources in EXE or DLL files. The first time you use it, it makes a list of files with resource counts. After that, it can show you a selected resource in a selected file (image and attributes). It is possible to save this to a file or the Clipboard. Some formats are available; these are compatible with Visual Studio (such as BMP, AVI, VAW, RES, ICO, or CUR). The program can easily be extended to support all other resource types.

A management of table of the symbols makes it possible to replace the numerical values indicating the resources by symbols such those defined in the files Resource.h

Special tooltips give attribute details.

This tool is an example of MFC usage (sources available): SDI with variable splitter windows (list view, tree view, and scroll view) to show files listing and tree, and a list for resource attributes.

Parts are directly usable in other applications such as for example:

  • Management of the columns and sorting in CListCtrl in Report mode: Utilities.cpp and Utilities.h.
  • Edition in place of subitems in CListCtrl in Report mode: ListCtrlEx.cpp and ListCtrlEx.h.
  • Display and writing in file of the resoures Bitmap, icon and Curseur: BitmapRW.cpp and BitmapRW.h

It does not use special classes to read resources in the EXE or DLL files.

A help (in French) is implemented but is it necessary to use this tool.

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