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CodeGuru is about code. CodeGuru is about Gurus. CodeGuru is about so much more!

The Code...

There are millions, if not billions, of lines of code in the world. Every day, more lines of code are being created. CodeGuru is a site where tips, tricks, and other pieces of useful code can be found. CodeGuru contains thousands of articles and thousands of pieces of code that you can download, look at, modify, play with, and use. You can simply plug-and-play, or you can look at the code and learn.

CodeGuru is about the sharing of code. Almost all of the code that you can find is presented as part of an article submitted by someone like you. These articles often explain the code and its use. Most of the people who contribute code articles to CodeGuru are the same people who found and used something from here. Sharing works.

The Gurus...

CodeGuru is dedicated to helping developers and programmers by providing the most robust and up-to-date technical information and code snippets on the Internet! This information comes from Gurus who are in the industry as well as Guru-"wanna-be's." If you are a Guru, CodeGuru is a great community for sharing what you know. If you are a Guru-"wanna-be," CodeGuru is the place to find the resources that will help.

Unlike many other sites, CodeGuru also actively searches for additional articles on key industry topics from key industry leaders. Not only do we have standard categories of articles, but we also go beyond and offer a number of columns—columns written by industry leaders.

And So Much More...

Not only do we work with the programming languages that developers care about, but we also bring other topics to the site. This includes Windows, patterns, regular expressions, and more. In addition to the code articles, there are columns from industry leaders, FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions), discussion forums, and a resource area for products without code. With all the code and with all the Guruus stopping by, it is not surprising that there are hundreds of thousands of unique visitors every month.

Critical to Our Success...

Foremost, it's important to realize that CodeGuru would not exist without the literally thousands of people who have shared their code and helped out in the discussion boards as well as the people who volunteer their time and services to help out their fellow developers.

How Are We Doing?

We hope CodeGuru is a site you enjoy and find useful. If not, drop us an e-mail. We are always open to suggestions. We obviously can't implement all the suggestions we get; however, we will consider every suggestion.

- Brad!
Bradley L. Jones, Site Director

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CodeGuru Volunteers

The following are some of people who volunteer their time on CodeGuru:

CodeGuru Moderators

The following are some of moderators for the CodeGuru Forums:

Ejaz Anwer, Software Engineer (Pakistan): Super Moderator
Ejaz formally started programming in the summer of 1996, worked with different languages and tools/technologies time to time (Visual Basic, SQL Server, Crystal Reports, ASP, and so forth), but eventually found his place with C/C++ and finally switched to VC++. Most of his development is related to capital markets, gaming/simulations, and security systems. Currently, he is developing Automated Arbitrage Systems and Risk Management Systems for stock markets. He considers himself lucky that he gets paid for what he loves to do—programming in C/C++; all he asks from life are food, shelter, clothes, and a latest computer with the latest C/C++ compiler (Internet enabled, so that he can hang around CG).
Paul Avery (PeejAvery), Web Developer/Designer: Super Moderator and Reviewer
Paul broke his parent's first PC at the age of 14. After being told to fix it, he decided it was time to learn a little something about computers. After being a technician for so long, programming became an interest. Because he also loved graphic arts, he needed something to combine the two. He entered the great world of the Internet and has loved it ever since!
Marius Bancila (cilu), Software Engineer (Romania)
Marius graduated from University "Politehnica" of Timisoara, Romania, with a degree in Computer Science in 2003, and received a Master's degree from the same university one year later. He began working as a software developer while still in college, and now works for a major German IT company providing solutions for the automotive filed. He develops PC software based mainly on MFC, and varies from developing GUIs to communication protocols. After he met with the .NET framework, he quickly fell in love and now tries to shift his focus towards it. Besides using the C-like languages, C++/VC++/C#, he is also skilled with HTML and used to design Web sites with PHP. He still tries to find what the matrix is.
Cakkie, Software Developer (Belgium): Super Moderator
Programming has been a hobby (actually, more a passion) since Cakkie was about 9-10 years old. At this point, he is a professional programmer skilled in VB 5-6, ASP, PHP, COM+, mySQL, and MS SQL Server. He is also starting out with VB.NET. He has been a CodeGuru member for quite some time.
Cimperiali Cimperiali, Senior Software Developer (Italy): Super Moderator
Cimperiali is the Visual Basic forum Moderator, along with Tom "Cakkie" Cannaerts. He started with QuickBasic and switched to VB as soon as it appeared on the market. He started learning Rpg400 for As400 to gain a software developer degree. After working with As400 and Rpg, he switched back to his first love, and started working as a VB developer for software houses ("No matter what you want, but let me do it in VB; if it is possible, I will find out."). Still in love with VB, he now has to work with ASP pages.
Ovidius Ovidiu Cucu, Senior Software Engineer (Romania)
Graduated with a degree in Electronics and Telecommunications from Technical University of Iasi in 1986. However, in 1994 he again met his first love from high school: computer science. He began programming at a company specializing in financial software. Since 2002, he's been a project manager for WAM (work area management) applications used in medical laboratories. During that time, he's dealt with many programming languages, beginning with old Fortran. Actually, he programs in C++ using Visual Studio, MFC, Windows API, and COM.
Hannes Hannes du Preez (HanneSThEGreaT), Programming/Web Design Trainer (South Africa)
Hannes' passion towards computers was actually always lingering. When he started learning programming (Qbasic) it was as if a wildfire has ignited inside of him. That was the beginning of his programming life. Since 1998 he has learnt Visual Basic 5-6. C, C++, Visual C++ 6. Then, his second love (just after his wife, daughter and dogs) came .NET. He has been an avid supporter of .NET using not only VB, but C# as well. Hannes is a moderator as well as an article reviewer on CodeGuru. He currently works at a very dynamic software development company in Edenvale, South Africa, and is enjoying every minute of it!
Gabriell Gabriel Fleseriu, Software Engineer (Switzerland): Super Moderator
Gabriel Fleseriu graduated from the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Zürich as a Robotics Engineer. He currently works as a software developement engineer in Switzerland. He works mainly with C and C++, but also has completed software projects for embedded systems using various 8- and 16-bit MPUs. Gabriel can also code using other programming languages, but he doesn't do it if he has a choice. Regarding computers, his main field of interest is 3D engines, although he never had the time to write one.
Marc Gregoire Marc Gregoire (Marc G), Software Engineer Consultant (Belgium): Super Moderator / Microsoft MVP
Marc graduated from the Catholic University Leuven, Belgium, with a degree in "Burgerlijk ingenieur in de computer wetenschappen" (equivalent to Master of Science in Engineering in Computer Science) in 2003. In 2004 he got the cum laude degree of Master In Artificial Intelligence at the same university. In 2005 he started working for a big software consultancy company (Ordina: http://www.ordina.be). His main expertise is C/C++ and specifically Microsoft VC++ and the MFC framework. Next to C/C++, he also likes C# and uses PHP to create webpages. Besides his main interest for Windows development, he also has experience in developing C++ programs running 24x7 on Linux platforms and in developing critical 2G,3G software running on Solaris for big telecom operators. He also maintains a blog on http://www.nuonsoft.com/blog/.
Yves M Yves M, Software Developer (Spain): Super Moderator
Yves was born in Luxembourg. He graduated in 2000 from Imperial College, London, with a Masters in Mathematics and Computer Science. He spent a year in Bordeaux studying for a Pure Maths DEA and in 2001 started working at a software company. He mostly programs in C++ and COM for Windows, using ATL and WTL. He's also a keen Linux user. Just don't ask him anything about MFC. His first interest in computing is and always has been algorithmics. After programming simple games, he is now working on algorithms for linguistics.
Andreas Masur Andreas Masur, Software Developer (Germany): Moderator/Microsoft MVP
Andreas currently works in the image processing industry. His programming journey began about 13 years ago when he figured out that more interesting things than playing games can be done with a computer. He started programming with Basic, on the Commodore 64 and AMIGA. He later moved on to the world of PCs—in the beginning with C, later on with C++. At the moment, the majority of his development is done with the latter one; nevertheless, he still uses other languages as well if necessary. For him, the most fascinating things that can be done with computers nowadays is the world of animations (like the movie 'Final Fantasy').

2kaud,Techie, Consultant (England)
2kaud (that's not his real name) has been involved with computers since the age of 14 and has an honors degree in Computer Science from Manchester University (majoring in operating system design). He is a member of the British Computer Society and Institute of Analysts and Programmers, a Chartered Engineer and Chartered IT Professional, and a former member of both the ACM and the IEEE. He has been involved with many computer languages over the years including various assembler (Pick, DEC , Motorola, Zilog etc) and Fortran, Algol, COBOL, Pascal and Pick Basic although now just C/C++ for which he used to be a trainer back in the 1990's, and has also been a security consultant.

Siddhartha Rao Siddhartha Rao (Siddhartha), Software Developer (Germany), Moderator/Microsoft MVP
Sid began his career in Software with writing Device Drivers for Win 9x platforms, and later diversified to programming for Embedded Systems on VxWorks and Win CE. Eventually, he came to the world of Windows Application Programming and has been with it ever since. Currently, Sid works for a German Software Giant and his field of specialization is Windows Software Deployment. His latest assignment has been the Architecture and Design of a new software life-cycle management tool that will deploy his company's software on computers around the world very soon. He is passionate about programming—especially using C++ and COM; he is always open to learning new technologies and believes in taking the bull by the horns. Sid loves meeting people and hobbies like Photography and Traveling keep him pleasantly occupied in his free time not spent on Codeguru.
Florian Stinglmayr Florian Stinglmayr (no hero), Student (Austria): Moderator
Florian was born in Upperaustria, and used the PC the first time at the age of 13. Later, at the age of 14, he began to teach himself Visual Basic 6.0. He later switched over to C++ and Assembly. He also shares a great passion for native C and the Windows SDK. Florian spends most of his free time in programming free tools for Windows, sharing his knowledge to other students or on CodeGuru, or preparing himself for the final exam.

CodeGuru Reviewers

Hesham Hesham AbdelAziz Amin (hspc), Software Developer (Egypt)
Hesham started programming with GWBasic as a hobby during high school and then with VB6 throughout college, where he majored in Structural Engineering. In his final year of college, he decided to change over to programming. Currently, he works as a software developer in ERP systems, Web sites, ab\nd CMS. His programming skills include C++, C#.NET, VB .NET, PHP, MS SQL Server, and MySQL. Now, he's starting post graduate studies in computer science.
Bogdan Apostol (Bornish), Lead Developer/QA Analyst, Bucharest, Romania... sometimes
Although he did not own a computer until 2002, Bogdan's passion about software development sparked for the first time in 1990, when he understood that computer science can help in saving lives, as well as improve quality everywhere. Thus, he keeps in mind that creating software is for people, not computers. He finds programming as the best mixture of art with science and his favorite instrument for such "music" remains unmanaged—C++. He studied computer science and applied mathematics in Bucharest, where he also worked for about six years. Since 2001 he left his hometown, hoping to learn from experiencing one of the most developing countries in the world, UAE. He's always eager to help and share, having the most satisfaction when feeling himself useful. He has many other hobbies that, some get him inspired in his profession and some, at least, balance and diversify his experience.
wildfrog Petter Labråten (wildfrog), Senior Software Developer (Norway)
Petter has been punching code since before he was a teenager. He started out on a Dragon 32 and moved on with Commodore, Atari, and Amiga before he ended up on a PC. After a couple of years studying mathematics and information technology at Agder University College, he started working as a software developer at a telecom firm. His language of choice is C++, with C# as a runner up, but has good experience with technologies such as Java, VB, MSSQL and mySQL, backend to frontend, both on Windows and on Linux. Currently, he works as a senior software developer at a software consulting firm in Oslo, Norway. His spare time is a fine balance between sleeping and helping fellow programmers here at CodeGuru.
Doctor Luz Doctor Luz, Physicist (Spain)
He is currently the director of a photometric laboratory in Spain As a software developer, his work is oriented mainly toward creating technical programs for the lighting industry and for laboratory devices. He usually works with C and C++, and his favourite programming tool is Microsoft Visual C++. He sometimes uses other programming languages and CAD programs for design and simulation. In his rare free time, he enjoys creating small applications for his Pocket PC, using eVC++.
David McClarnon David McClarnon (Darwen), Senior Software Developer (UK)
David started programming on the ZX Spectrum a very long time ago. He graduated with a degree in Computer Science from Nottingham University, and then continued to do a PhD in Virtual Reality at the same University where he first encountered Visual C++ and MFC - version 1.5. After working for many companies, he now works for a multi-language subtitling software company still doing VC++ and MFC. He encountered .NET about 18 months ago and fell in love. His hobbies are programming, programming, sci fi, and yet more programming.
Sjaak Priester Sjaak Priester, Editor (the Netherlands)
Sjaak met his first computer in 1970, at the age of eighteen. Although it was a big, lumpy machine, he fell for it at once. It needed lots of punch cards, and Sjaak happily coded them, in long-forgotten languages such as Algol and Snobol. Later, he could afford having computers all for himself, the first one being a legendary, British made, 'BBC-B Home Computer'. Nowadays, Sjaak likes to delve deep in the spelunks of C++. Being an editor in everyday life, he is a programmer at heart, but not by profession. Sjaak lives in Amsterdam, the Netherlands.
Vinyak Vinayak Raghuvamshi (raghuvamshi), Software Engineer (USA)
Vinyak possesses good architecture and design skills and over 10 years of software development experience. He has a proven track record of designing and deploying multi-tier, turnkey projects in the areas of Digital Media, Network Applications, and Buiseness layer applications. He is passionate about digital media programming, network programming, .NET security, and so forth. He is good at .NET and Java. He's worked in the US since 1999. He hass worked on projects with Microsoft and AOL, and held positions of Tech Lead and Principal Software Engineer.
Kirants Kiran Thonse (kirants), Software Engineer (USA)
Born in India, Kiran currently works for a wireless firm in San Diego, California. His main interest is in designing and developing applications using a tiered approach. Working mostly on middlelayer stuff devoid of any GUI stuff, he however has messed around with user interface areas while working on a software project work for a laser optic instrument manufacturer. Working mostly on windows technologies (C++, MFC, and COM), he tries to spend a small portion of his time in the forums regularly.

Past CodeGuru Moderators

Manish Malik, Engineering Student (India): Developer Forum and Developer News Moderator
Manish Malik is an undergraduate engineering student (studying I.T. at SIT, GGSIPU) in New Delhi, India. A coding freak (from C++/C# to Perl to Haskell) and a long-time Internet addict, this Linux hobbyist takes a keen interest in anything that is computer science-related. You can reach him via manishmalik.com.
Andy Tacker Anand Saini (Andy Tacker), Business Strategy Manager (Russia)
Andy has over five years' experince as a software architect, system developer, and system analyst. Most of his big projects were SCADA systems using C++ & VC++ . He also has experience as a CDMA & GSM BSS engineer. He has worked for some of the MNCs like LG Industrial Systems, Huawei Technologies, and Synergy Systems and Solutions. Currently, he is employed with Tradition. He is a volunteer Super moderator with CodeGuru Discussion Forums. He occasionally writes articles for Codeguru.com.

Other CodeGuru Members

CodeGuru would also like to thank the following people for their contributions over the years.

Goodz13 Goodz13, Software Developer (Nova Scotia, Canada): Super Moderator
Goodz13 graduated from the CompuCollege School Of Business with honors in Information Systems Programming. He is a self-employed programmer who works with Java, VB, and Theos Basic on a regular basis. Goodz13 also works with C/C++ from time to time.
Sonu Kapoor Sonu Kapoor, Software Developer (Canada): Super Moderator
Sonu has developed software in several languages such as C, C++, VC++, Java, ASP, XML, XSL, JScript, and VBScript. Besides his programming passion, he also writes book reviews for Addison Wesley, O'Reilly, and Microsoft. He loves to work with CodeGuru. Sonu also works as a freelancer and, from time to time, writes articles for CodeGuru and Developer.com. Currently, he works with David Silverlight on www.XMLPitstop.com.
Jared Parsons Jared Parsons, Developer, Teaching/Research Assistant (USA): Java Programming Moderator
Jared is a Computer Science major at Georgia Tech, specializing in Network Systems. He has been programming for five years in a variety of languages. Normally, he works with C-based languages such as C, C++, C#, and Java. Currently, in addition to school, he is working as a teaching assistant for a C-based class.
Alan Rencher, Senior Software Engineer (USA) : Wireless/Mobile Development Moderator
Alan has several years of experience in pure C++ for embedded systems development for home automation systems and five years MFC/COM, VC++, and CE development experience on several very big software suites. He has worked for several companies, including HTBasic, eChangeMan, Advanced Analyzer, and Envelope Budget. Alan is currently working for Ameritrade and doing a lot of consulting.
Ian Shepherd Ian Shepherd (Surrendermonkey), Software Developer (U.K.): Client-Side Scripting Moderator
Ian was born in Sheffield, U.K.. In 1998, a convenient quirk of fate found him teaching Visual Basic 6 to himself at a Sheffield firm. After nine months of Access 97 databases and CodeGuru postings, he moved on to a real job in Leeds, with real databases and real money. He hasn't looked back. Since the early days, his focus has moved from VB apps to Internet and particularly intranet solutions—predominantly database apps—largely as the pressures of work have dictated. He makes a living these days using ASP, DHTML with Javascript and VBscript, SQL Server and T-SQL, and VB. He also uses Access and Crystal Reports when he has to, with the occasional bout of VC++/Oracle. Just don't ask him about Netscape.


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