Modernizing Your Code: Tapping the Power of Today’s Hardware

Modernizing Your Code: Tapping the Power of Today’s Hardware

Is your code modernized? Do you know where to begin to create modernized code that taps today's hardware?

Modern processors give you the ability to tap into multi-level parallelism capabilities through access to advanced technologies such as multiple cores and co-processors. Applications in many industries can benefit greatly from these modern features whether in simply gaining speed boots or doing full-fledged high performance computing (HPC). In addition to tapping the power of the cores, modern coding practices can also offer features such as portability and better long-term sustainability.

Intel offers a number of resources to help in the modernization of your code. These range from free training to a Developer Community. If you are looking to modernize your code to tap the power of today’s systems, then you can find more information in eWeek's article, A Community for Developing Modern Code.

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This article was originally published on Wednesday Oct 14th 2015
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