Creating Windows Bitmaps to Save Desktop Images into BMP and JPG Files

Wednesday Nov 20th 2002 by Senthil Murugan

Using Visual C++, you can save the desktop into a BMP or JPG file. You also can save a window into a BMP or JPG file.

Environment: VC6, Win2000 SP2

This dialog-based VC++ application can be used to save the desktop images into BMP or JPG files. This application can also be used to save this window image into BMP or JPG files. By making minor modifications, we can save any window image into a BMP or JPG file just by obtaining its handle. The library that I have used to process JPEG images is a standard third-party source.

The mainly used functions are SaveWindowAsFile and SaveDesktopAsFile.


Download demo project - 232 Kb
Download Library source - 773 Kb
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