SMTP/POP3 MFC classes

Friday Dec 4th 1998 by Michael Krebs

SMTP/POP3 MFC classes

Wes Clyburn already wrote an SMTP class that sent mails which were stored in CMailMessage entities. Look at his entry on the Codeguru site for details.

I took these classes and added a POP3 class, based on Wes' CSMTP class. For this, I slightly modified CMailMessage and CSMTP.

Now you can create a message in a CMailMessage class, send it using Wes' CSMTP. Or you can retrieve mails using my CPOP3 class, which stores the mails in a CMailMessage object.

However, I still had some troubles parsing the headers of retrieved mails:
  1. The Cc: field can contain several lines. CPOP3 only parses the first one.
      Cc: recipient1 
    In this case, CPOP3 only finds "recipient1".

  2. The Date: field isn't parsed at all - there are different possible date formats.

Maybe I'll add those features later ? Thanks, Wes, for the good base you provided !

Download source/demo project - 19 KB

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