Adding to the Open Source Library, IntelliEgg Releases IntelliDebugger v1.2 for Microsoft Visual Studio

by CodeGuru Staff

Significantly simplifying both typical, and more in-depth debugging routines by assuming most of the common procedures developers would need to handle, IntelliDebugger v1.2 also helps to detect and eliminate bugs in unmanaged C++, and managed C# code more efficiently.

IntelliDebugger, a debug plugin for Microsoft Visual Studio makes ease of use a cornerstone of its functionality. By undertaking most of typical routine tasks every programmer deals with, it helps save a lot of time on debugging of both unmanaged C++ and managed C# code. With IntelliDebugger, a developer enjoys such nifty options as Variable Snapshot to store variable values at any given time and recall them later, comparison of variable values (with the support for complex objects and arrays too), and an ability to limit break exceptions with the current Visual Studio solution only. Read the full Press Release here.

This article was originally published on Tuesday Feb 4th 2014
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