Amazon Puts the Squeeze on Microsoft Leaving Little Choice but to Slash Azure Pricing

by CodeGuru Staff

In a last ditch effort to make sales, Microsoft is attempting to match prices set by Amazon Web Services for Windows Azure storage cloud services.

Microsoft announced that their new Amazon price cuts are scheduled to go into effect on March 13th of this year and will reduce the cost of Microsoft’s block blob storage and disk page blob storage. This move is being made by Microsoft only after Amazon's announcement that they are reducing their pricing even further on their S3 and Elastic Block Storage Service starting in only 2 days. For Microsoft this equates to a 20% reduction just to match Amazon's lowest prices in the U.S. East region market and a whopping 28% for locally redundant disks/page blob storage. In addition, Microsoft stated that by using their Azure Storage transaction, overall cost for you business can be reduced by as much as 50%. Check out the full details at Microsoft’s blog.

This article was originally published on Friday Jan 31st 2014
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