Server Side Node.js tools Allows JavaScript to Flourish

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Exploring a new way to serve up documents from your website without slaughtering your available RAM with the V8 JavaScript engine and Node-inspired development environments with cloud platforms are quickly changing the landscape of the Web application toolkit.

Building something out of spare parts and scrap will usually make it work, however, it’s not going to be the most beautiful or streamlined solution. This is reminiscent to how developers have been building their Web applications for years now. The day has finally come where we can install Node and insert the massive ecosystem of tools build around, and we’re off and running with a high-performance suite of tools that will allow you to build and proudly display a professionally built and even often, beautiful, what some would call, work of art. What was an experiment of spare parts and scrap, have evolved into a high quality tool-set for developer and Java enthusiasts around the world.

This article was originally published on Thursday Feb 23rd 2012
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