Free Software Foundation Cans Microsoft Pledge for Customer Data Security from the NSA as 'Meaningless'

by CodeGuru Staff

While Microsoft offers its customers ‘assurances’ that they are safeguarding their customers data from the NSA and other US surveillance organizations, The Free Software Foundation has dismissed them completely.

In a statement, FSF executive director John Sullivan said the company had made renewed security promises in the past as well while referring the announcement Microsoft made last week stating that they would be expanding encryption for their products after the cat was out of the bag that America's National Security Agency has been conducting surveillance on us all. Microsoft and several other big technology outfits have also been exposed as co-operating with the NSA. As many would agree, this is totally unacceptable, yet what are we doing to stop it? Read on about the full FSF statement and what you can do to help.

This article was originally published on Thursday Dec 12th 2013
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