Google Begins Their Courtship of Chromecast Developers

by CodeGuru Staff

Google’s Chromecast, currently in Developer Preview, and the SDK, currently in beta, is in need of app developers for the new streaming device however developer are not yet allowed to actually release those apps.

Google’s new Chromecast device wants to make it ultra-simple to play Internet video on your TV, using a huge range of phones, tablets, and laptops as your controller and while it’s in Preview, the Chromcast does currently have some apps, such as HuluPlus, HBO Go, Netflix and a others with many new channel apps most likely on the way down the pipe as a number of Android developers have reported that they have received invitations to attend a Cast-centric hackathon at Google HQ from December 7-8 to which during this special event, Google will reportedly discuss the "upcoming release of the Google Cast SDK. Smaller third-party developers are eager to release their official Android apps compatible with Chromecast and Google Cast. Read the full story here.

This article was originally published on Tuesday Nov 26th 2013
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