JavaScript-Based RTC, Coming Soon to an IE Browser Near You!

by CodeGuru Staff

Since WebRTC became a part of HTML5, IE's exclusion of the browser-based streaming standard has been considered to be a shortfall of the browser. Now, an open source project sponsored by Microsoft attempts an end-around.

It's real-time streaming communications, and it's from Microsoft. Is it a browser-based Skype? No, because Skype uses a P2P protocol, not a Web protocol. Is it WebRTC, the open source streaming system incorporated into HTML5? No, because it's not implemented in binary code. It, such as it is, is ORTC, a W3C-sponsored community project (as opposed to a formal Working Group) intended to implement real-time streaming communications within browsers, using the JavaScript that browsers already execute internally. It's an openly stated goal of ORTC's developers that its streams must be compatible with WebRTC. Continue reading this story here.

This article was originally published on Thursday Oct 30th 2014
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