Kinect for Windows to have full Windows 8 Support and Improved Sensor Access

Friday Oct 12th 2012 by CodeGuru Staff

Microsoft Improves Kinect for Windows, Brings Improved Sensor Access with the new version of Kinect for Windows SDK.

Microsoft announced this week a new version of their Kinect for Windows software development kit. The new version brings support for their Windows 8 OS and VM’s including improved developer tools as well as extended sensor data access. The Kinect for Windows has some differences over the original Kinect for Xbox 360 in regards to both the hardware and software components. Microsoft has recently added support for up to four Kinect sensors plugged into the same computer for improved tracking including the ability to track infividual people within the detection area and choose which sensor tracks which user. It also includes increased speech recognition accuracy and much more. Read the details here.

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