LEGO MINDSTORMS EV3 API Released for Windows 8

Tuesday Nov 19th 2013 by CodeGuru Staff

Inspired by the new robotics kits Lego created SentryBot with MINDSTORMS and using two Surface Pros and new Windows 8.1 APIs and you too can control your LEGO creations! 

With the Windows 8.1 and the MINDSTORMS EV3 available publically, Microsoft has released their new API for you to make whatever robotic future you and your kids can come up with. The new API provides access to control the motors and read real-time data from the onboard LEGO sensors. You can connect to and control your LEGO EV3 brick over Bluetooth, WiFi, or USB. The project provides libraries that are usable from the Windows desktop, Windows Phone 8, and WinRT (via .NET, WinJS and C++), along with full source code and samples. Read more here.

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