Microsoft Announced Office 2013, Touch Everywhere!

by CodeGuru Staff

Office 2013, responding to touch as natively and easily as previous version of Microsoft’s flagship Office productivity suite does to a Mouse and Keyboard. Microsoft has released the Customer Preview of their latest version of the world’s most popular editor.

While the ribbon control used in the current and several previous versions of the Microsoft Office interface, that seemed to translate well to the new touch input, it doesn’t mean that ever feature works great leaving several aspects to the current design of the new touch interface that still require additional considerations. PJ Hough, Corporate VP of Microsoft’s Office division, and Owen Braun, Microsoft’s Lead Program Manager stated that a great deal of consideration has gone into the new design decisions of Office 2012 leading to the design changes including larger spacing between tools, minimized ribbon spanning the top of the display and a new Touch Mode which will easily control the spacing between the various menus. Read the full details of this story here.

This article was originally published on Wednesday Jul 18th 2012
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