Microsoft Bing gets a new Speech Recognition Controller for Windows

by CodeGuru Staff

Microsoft Bing’s new Speech Recognition Controller allows a device running Windows 8, Windows 8.1, or Windows RT to convert audio speech into written text in real-time.

By receiving audio data from a microphone and sending that audio data to a web service for analysis, and then returning that interpretations of the audio data of user speech as text back to that device, Microsoft Bing provides the user with on-the-fly speech recognition using Microsoft’s new Speech Recognition Service for Bing. Installing the new Bing Speech Recognition Control in an app allows you to control how your app interprets the text returned by Bing’s Speech Recognition Service. The Bing Speech Recognition Control consists of the SpeechRecognizerUx class, which is a XAML control, and the Bing.Speech Namespace, which provides the supporting API. Read the full story here.

This article was originally published on Tuesday Oct 29th 2013
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