Microsoft Give Office 365 Multi-Factor Authentication and Adds No-Cost Updates for Office 2013

by CodeGuru Staff

Microsoft offers Office 365 an added sense of security by introducing optional multi-factor authentication to their premier cloud based office productivity suite.

In addition to Microsoft’s latest announcement about their added security features in Office 365, the same announcement featured the arrival of a new no-cost update for Office 2013 coming this year. Microsoft’s Office 365 update covers all Office 365 variants and subscriptions. In addition the new Multi-factor authentication adds another layer of security to the login by requiring a second validation after the initial password. It establishes the user is genuine with a phone call, text message, or an app notification on their smartphone after the correct password is entered. Not exactly ground breakingly new technology, but an effective multifactor authentication practice that is sure to add a high level trust and convenience in the system for user. Read the full story here.

This article was originally published on Tuesday Feb 18th 2014
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