Microsoft Kinect IS a Spy Tool After All

Thursday Apr 26th 2012 by CodeGuru Staff

Using Kinect, Azure and a Windows Phone running Windows 8, you can have yourself a home security system, or a very scary built-in spy, “accessible by whom” is what becomes the questions, in this scenario.

The idea of a home security using the Kinect, Azure and Windows Phone 8, actually came out of a last ditch effort to develop a sweet opening Key Note at TechEd 2012 India. Out of it came a usable concept. Simply by placing your connect Kinect device in a location to which you want to secure is pretty simple and apply the build it human motion detection system, Windows Azure to automatically upload images at a predetermined interval and a Windows smartphone to receive those images, a shazam! You have yourself a homebuilt security system, or as some might put it, a home built spy system! In either case, its certainly a usable concept and probably worth checking out. You can read more about these crazy kids in India right here.

Concept Diagram:


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