Microsoft Moves to Open-Source the Majority of Their .NET Libraries

by CodeGuru Staff

Going so far as to adding OS X and Linux support to their .NET libraries, Microsoft follows in the footsteps other such authors as Adobe, whose Air and Edge cross-platform development tools have experienced rapid growth in the wake of these standards changes.

Microsoft announced that they are open-sourcing most of their software development libraries and will be releasing .NET libraries and tools for Linux and OS X.  This courageous move brings one of the world's most used development environments to a whole new world of opportunities. However with most big moves, the results could be either hugely successful, or hugely catastrophic and success in this move is far from guaranteed. If you program for Microsoft’s ubiquitous Windows operating system, you're intimately familiar with the .NET Framework of software development libraries and the companion IDE tool, Visual Studio. The past 15 or so years, as with most tech companies, has been a rather stormy time for Microsoft with including their late arrival to the advent of the mobile market and Microsoft's struggles to gain relevance in that market, however this particular error has been golden age for their .NET libraries. Continue reading this story here.

This article was originally published on Thursday Nov 13th 2014
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