Microsoft Pushes Smartglass and Oneguide for the Xbox One Gaming Console

by CodeGuru Staff

Bringing Microsofts online streaming movie offering more in-line with their competitors, Microsoft announces an update to their video and Smartglass apps for the Xbox One system.

Microsoft announces updates to the Video and Smartglass apps for the Xbox One games console offering users with improved features and options. This means, for example, that you could stop watching a movie in your lounge and pick up where you left off in another room. This and other new features are bringing Microsoft in line with other providers in the same market. With a refreshed Xbox Video app lets Xbox One, Xbox 360 and Windows 8 users pick up and put down movies, movies that have been bought or rented, all over the place. Check out more detail here.

This article was originally published on Thursday Apr 3rd 2014
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