Microsoft Released Silverlight 5.1, Ever So Quietly

by CodeGuru Staff

All be it minor, there are quite a few updates included with Silverlight 5.1, but don’t let this update to Silverlight fool all you Silverlight fans because this is no evidence that Microsoft has decided to continue support for the plug-in.

Starting with Microsoft’s typical Patch Tuesday updates released on May 8th included the new Silverlight 5.1, or is it 5.2. We really don’t know, but so far the 5.2 version that is available for download, appears to be a simple typo. And for all those fans of the Silverlight plug-in for your browsers, web apps, mobile devices and desktop platform, you probably shouldn’t get your hopes up as this being a clue that Microsoft will continue to put any amount of development into this platform. This is a simple patch and update that was already on the roadmap. You can read the full story of this release here.

This article was originally published on Friday May 11th 2012
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