Microsoft Teams-Up with Nokia to Develop a New Windows Phone AppCampus

by All Staff

Clearly demonstrating Microsofts desperate need to encourage more app developers, they are now teaming up with Nokia to develop a Windows Phone-centric AppCampus to help spur a new app backbone.

With a combined invest of over $24 million the new, so called University for developers, or  “AppCampus” program will be based out of Aalto University in Finland and is currently scheduled to open its doors next month (May 2012). The AppCampus will offer such things as facilities, coaching services, access to a comprehensive academic and business network and a host of other college based programs. In addition to Windows Phone 8, the new Microsoft/Nokia AppCampus is also scheduled to provide students with training on app development for Symbian and Series 40 platforms as well. Read the full news release here.

This article was originally published on Wednesday Mar 28th 2012
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