Microsoft to Include Windows Azure Services in Windows Server 2012

by CodeGuru Staff

Microsoft has announced that the Windows Azure Web Sites, VMs and the Service Management Portal along with the API will be included with the release of Windows Server 2012 within the next couple of months.

At the WPC earlier this week, Microsoft announced they would be including the Windows Azure Web Sites, VMs, Service Management Portal and the API bundled with the release of Windows Server 2012. Clearly a strategic announcement aimed at enterprise and large businesses this will have a significant impact on the Cloud market in the coming months. Windows Azure is a feature which allows developers to easily deploy data driven Web Applications written in ASP, ASP.NET, PHP or Node.js and using tools such as GIT, FTP, Visual Studio and Web Matrix to deploy code. Read the full details of this story here.

This article was originally published on Thursday Jul 12th 2012
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