Microsoft Unveils New Developer Center Dubbed Modern.IE

by CodeGuru Staff

New Microsoft dev-center web-scanning tool finds Microsoft’s own websites lacking basic security measures while providing users with virtual tools and pushes developers to further embrace HTML5 and Windows 8.

Microsoft has just unveiled their new modern-ie dev center bringing loads of new resources and tools geared towards helping developers to embrace the modern standards such as HTML5, CSS3 and of course their own Windows 8 platform as well as the new Internet Explorer. Currently in beta, the new modern.ie includes web page scanning tool designed to detect standard issues in regards to supporting older versions of IE in order to reveal ways for developers to update pages to work well across various browsers and devices as well as to provide the developer with ways to provide support for new features within the landscape of Windows 8. Check it out here.

This article was originally published on Friday Feb 1st 2013
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