Microsoft Whips-out Their Massive Checkbook in Hopes of Building a Robust App Store

by All Staff

Once again Microsoft is going to simply buy their way out of a crunch. Where Google and Apple have a community, a way of life for app developers, Microsoft is going to buy their way to the top.

It’s the latest rage, if you have billions of dollars to spend. Just buy developers, give them free phones, free tools and promise them prime real-estate in the app store. Will it work, probably not, but in the end, Microsoft will have spent a lot of money trying. And its not that the Windows 8 platform is bad, in fact, in many ways, especially from a business perspective, its better the iOS and Android. Its just a simple fact that people don’t want Windows on their phones. Read more and decide for yourself what the issue is.

This article was originally published on Wednesday Apr 11th 2012
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