Microsoft Windows 8, Tweaked, Updated and Hopefully, on the Road to Recovery

by CodeGuru Staff

In another attempt to reverse the biggest drop in PC sales in 2 decades and quite growing criticism of their flagship OS, Microsoft releases a revised version of Windows 8.

Microsoft yesterday made a preview version of Windows 8.1 available for download which includes several alterations to the OS and all designed to address consumer dissatisfaction with the operating system. Feedback provided by market analysts have indicated user’s frustration with Windows 8 is partially to blame for the worst drop in personal computer sales in almost two decades. Steve Ballmer Microsoft CEO, at a conference in San Francisco, acknowledged the fact that the company pushed hard to get people to adopt what he called “a radical new tile-based "Modern" user interface” in Windows 8. A move to which the software giant is now back-pedaling on by bringing back the much easier and far more familiar  "Desktop" interface complete with “Start” button. Read the full story here.

This article was originally published on Friday Jul 19th 2013
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