Microsoft Windows Phone 8 Announcements Begin to Stack-Up

by CodeGuru Staff

Microsoft’s Joe Belfiore today exposed eight new major changes to the Windows Phone 8 Operating system and also stated that there are many more remaining to be announced.

Leaving the Windows 7 users in the dust, Windows 8 will be a whole new world of end user experience. However even the current Windows Phone 7.5 user will at least be able to leverage the improved Start screen experience, which isn’t saying much in comparison the list of new features that will come with the new OS, and an upgrade won’t be an option. Joe Belfiore today listed 8 new major features for Windows 8, which by no means is all of them, but just a starting point to give the press some idea of how big of an announcement this really is. Click here to read the full list of newly announced features.

This article was originally published on Friday Jun 22nd 2012
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