Microsoft Xbox 720 to be Announced in April This Year

by CodeGuru Staff

Sources indicate that Microsoft will announce the release date of their new Xbox 720 in just 2 months from now, April is now the expected due date.

Xbox 720, Microsoft’s next-gen gaming console, successor to the current Xbox 360 and also the arch rival of the PlayStation 4. After Sony made their official announcement of their new console, the PlayStation 4, Microsoft seemingly chose to rethink their marketing strategy, hopefully for them, not a marketing tragedy since unlike Sony, Microsoft is going big with the Xbox 720 official event, with plans to take the world by surprise with a ‘never before seen” event that will be centered around the new console. Making the vent happen, as in years past, Microsoft has again enlisted the assistance of ‘EventCore’ the agency used by Microsoft to plan previous events. Microsoft has also registered the domain XboxEvent.com so stay-tuned for the big announcement. Read more on this story here.

This article was originally published on Wednesday Feb 27th 2013
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