Microsoft’s Huge Announcement – Part 2

Friday Jun 22nd 2012 by CodeGuru Staff

Monday brought us Microsoft’s first huge announcement about their dive in to the world of Tablet Hardware with the announcement of the Surface Tablet, then just yesterday Microsoft detailed the latest and greatest version of their new smartphone OS.

Microsoft made their huge announcement, part-2, yesterday. Announcing the release of Windows Phone 8 at the Microsoft Windows Phone Summit event, in just a matter of a couple days Microsoft has completed outlining their vision for the next few years and really putting the pieces of the puzzle together for the world. It would appear that the world now gets the big picture around convergence of all these features and abilities that the combination of these technologies will bring. The big question is, will any of this be able to dig into Apple’s control of the market and turn the profit that Microsoft is looking for. Time will tell and you can read the full story here.

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