Microsoft’s New Launch Parity Provides Xbox One Owners with a Fast Track to First-Class Citizenry

by CodeGuru Staff

So you would like to be included in the so called “First Class Citizen” group? All you need to do is make a rather sizable investment in their xbox one console, and wallah, there you are, a member of the first class elite citizenry, high above all of us other low class folk who possibly couldn’t afford such large investment.

If it were only that easy. But whatever the wording used to portray Microsoft’s intent, it seems pathetic to even further separate us all from one group over another. But in any case, joining the new inner circle of the Microsoft launch parity includes a clause that provides you, the instant first class citizen, with prioritized game releases and host of other ‘special’ privileges. To continue reading more of this insulting ploy, click here.

This article was originally published on Wednesday Oct 15th 2014
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