MSDN Developers Are Not Happy with the Homepage Redesign

by CodeGuru Staff

More about marketing and less about being useful, these are the words being used to explain the Microsoft’s new look and feel to their Developer Network homepage.

Unfortunately for Microsoft, their MSDN site redesign does not appear to be much of a hit with the team. Many developers are simply not happy with what they logged into today sighting such things as, “fail”, and "improved my eye!”. And while Microsoft did their best to explain the rationale behind the redesign, stating such things as “a major update”, “simple”, “relevant”, and of course siting the word “improved” over and again, all this intended to make the page a more modern place to go as a central landing page to find out everything you want to know about developing for Microsoft platforms. You can decide for yourself here.

This article was originally published on Friday Aug 9th 2013
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