Oculus, Apple, Microsoft, and Google Team Up to Create Their Own Conference for Developers

September of this year will bring forth an all new developer conference specifically designed for those who wish to learn more about the rapidly expanding world of virtual reality.

The new conference will be dubbed Oculus Connect and has been created by the Oculus VR group and focused on developers around the world. It’s scheduled to take place this year at the Loews Hotel in Hollywood, California, on September 19th and 20th with registration for Oculus VR opening on July 10th at oculusvr.com/connect. In addition, invitation notices will be sent to prospective attendees over the following week or so. With that stated, it’s safe to assume that this gathering will be slightly smaller in scale as compared to the typically larger conferences held by Google, Microsoft, and Apple. It would also be safe to assume that this particular event will be sold out shortly after registration begins. Read more about this event here.

This article was originally published on Monday Jul 7th 2014
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