Once Again, Gene Roddenberry’s Visions are Coming to Life: The Universal Translator

by CodeGuru Staff

Star Trek had the Universal Translator, and with the resources of Microsoft behind the development, the 21st century will see the barriers of language hurtled for humans.

Humans Building the Tower of Babel may have caused us to have the different languages on Earth, fortunately we have Microsoft to overcome God’s punishment. Rick Rashid, Microsoft CEO, gave an inspiring demo of their live speech translation at an event in China. The idea of speaking to people who don’t speak your language is an age old desire and in many cases, a necessity, so the Universal Translator is huge and will certainly garnish a tremendous amount of attention. This is no Rosetta Stone, you speak, the UT breaks that speech down into text, than rereads it aloud in the desired language. Sounds simple, but until recently, the processing power to allow that immediate translation to take place was not available so the fact is, the time is now and the desired results will only continue to improve. Read the full story here.

This article was originally published on Friday Dec 21st 2012
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