Shocking Announcement by Truecrypt Shocks Cryptography Community

by CodeGuru Staff

The sudden announcement that the widely used, anonymously authored disk-encryption tool Truecrypt is no longer secure and thus will no longer be maintained rains shock waves through the crypto community and leaves programmers scratching their heads.

The Sourceforge project page for Truecrypt now sports a cryptographically signed notice that states “WARNING: Using TrueCrypt is not secure as it may contain unfixed security issues”. The news comes on the heels of a crowdfunded $70K security audit of the open source, anonymously maintained software giving it a relatively positive initial diagnosis. The announcement -- signed by the same key that has been used to sign previous, legitimate updates links Truecrypt's deprecation to Microsoft's decision to cease supporting Windows XP, though no one seems to have a theory about how these two facts relate to one another. Keep reading here.

This article was originally published on Friday May 30th 2014
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