What's Next as the Era of Microsoft .Net Comes to an End?

by CodeGuru Staff

As one Microsoft development platform is coming to an end, the beginning of a combination of technologies is on the horizon with the Windows 8 client, WinRT and Windows Azure cloud environment.

Microsoft’s .NET era as developers know it is starting to come to an end. And while the .NET platform isn’t going away, it’s focus is changing to Microsoft’s preferred server environment which offers a much broader platform which includes the Windows 8 client, the Windows Runtime application programming interface, or WinRT API, and of course the Windows Azure cloud environment providing a new, well defined platform era for Microsoft and now known as “The New Windows Platform”. All this effort Microsoft has put into the new platform is for one reason, Mobile devices! Google and Apple have threatened Microsoft for far too long and Microsoft has put a well-developed plan in place to continue raining king of the computer for years to come. Time will tell and you can read the rest of this article here.

This article was originally published on Friday Aug 31st 2012
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