Windows 8 Metro Going By-By, But Why?

by CodeGuru Staff

The official explanation of why Microsoft is dropping the Metro Title makes little sense, which is why Microsoft should come clean about why they have decided to drop the Windows 8 Metro name.

For over a year Microsoft has used the term "Metro" for its newest Windows interface type, first employing the title for their Windows Phone 7 OS, and again with the announcement, and release of the new Windows 8. And now, seemingly out of nowhere, they have decided to drop the Metro campaign. Officially, they are saying that it was never intended to be the official term for the platform style and that it was merely a code name during product development. Rumor has it that it involves a trade dispute with Metro AG, the German retail giant. So what’s the real story here? Read the full details here.

This article was originally published on Friday Aug 10th 2012
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