Windows Developers Give Microsoft Surface Thumbs Up

by CodeGuru Staff

Microsoft makes bold promises for the Surface Tablet and pulls through, from the built in kick-stand to the cover/keyboard, very unique, very functional and very promising.

 Microsoft is taking a big gamble with diving into the world of developing and building their own laptop. The competition is massive and the risks are high. But the previewing development community has, at least so far, given Microsoft a big hurray! Commenting on items such as the crisp and solid feel, fluid design and practical design points, the Surface Tablet in its two current offerings, both RT and Pro will most likely be geared towards two different markets with business and consumer being the main customers. However just like all products, price will most likely be the biggest deciding factor, especially since there are plenty of $500 tablets on the market already. Read the full story here.

This article was originally published on Thursday Jun 21st 2012
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