Windows Phone 8 Apollo Release Now Set for the Developer Summit in June

by CodeGuru Staff

The Telecom industry has many events scheduled for June. Everything from Google I/O event, Apple’s WWDC 2012 and now Microsoft’s Windows Phone Developer Summit. The debut of Windows Phone 8 may be over-shadowed.

Tentatively dubbed “Apollo”, Microsoft’s latest Windows Phone OS is rumored to be based on the same kernel as Windows 8. This means developers who create apps for laptops and tablets on Windows 8, “should” be able to port that same code over to create those same apps for the new Windows Phone 8 platform. And with this opportunity, more than likely being Microsoft’s last opportunity to take on Apple in the Smartphone market, this could be a huge win and really help to drive the development community in their direction. This story should really start to shape-up by the 4th quarter so stay tuned. Read the full story here.

This article was originally published on Wednesday May 9th 2012
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